kit 2

Three simple steps for skin transformation: oil cleansing, Vitamin C, and micro needling (also commonly called “derma rolling”). Kit #2 is a perfect place for the intermediate alchemist to continue to evolve in their skin journey. The combo of oil cleansing + Vitamin C serum + micro needling provides benefits that will have your skin surging in radiance.  

The intermediate alchemist can expect plump, radiant, and dewy skin.

  • Fine lines gone
  • Pigmentation gone
  • Dry skin gone

Your skin journey starts with daily oil cleansing with the AlKIMme Cleansing Oil. This method, of cleansing the skin with oil, will deeply clean your skin without stripping its essential barrier. The oil cleanser works by gently penetrating your pores, helping to dissolve the stubborn, thick sebum that causes breakouts and cystic acne. The cleansing oil removes the thick sebum and gently exfoliates the dead cells that often accompany breakouts and acne, but it leaves your skin soft and hydrated so that your sebaceous glands don’t go on full attack and create MORE oil!!!!!

To use: Apply two to three pumps of cleansing oil to the palms of your hands and apply to your skin, either wet or dry (Kim personally recommends using it on warm, wet skin). Allow it to deeply penetrate into your skin by gently massaging with your fingertips in circular motions, this will help to break down the stubborn oils in your pores as well as aid in exfoliation. Now you must remove the oil, by gently sweeping a washcloth over your skin in circular motions, this will leave your skin clean, exfoliated, and glowing.

Note: Always remove the cleansing oil with a warm, wet washcloth (a microfiber or baby wash cloth is preferable, however a normal wash cloth works well too) and be sure to use a fresh, clean cloth each and every time you cleanse your skin.

The next step in your skin transformation is the use of the AlKIMme Vitamin C serum. ALKIMme Vitamin C is a true miracle worker! This topical antioxidant is a superhero for your skin that will help to reduce acne scars, pigmentation, and pore size. Wrinkles and fine lines will fade, and over time disappear, your skin will glow with transformational radiance. After cleansing, apply the ALKIMme Vitamin C to your skin, making sure to cover any area you plan to treat. Now you’re ready to ROLL . . . derma roll that is.

To use: Apply two to three pumps of AlKIMme Vitamin C, thoroughly, to your face, neck, décolleté, and any other area you plan to treat with the roller.

Note: For maximum benefits, allow the Vitamin C to sit on your skin for two transformational minutes before moving on to derma rolling.

The final step in your skin transformation is this miracle treatment known as micro needling (or derma rolling). Tiny little needles rolled over your skin in a horizontal, diagonal, and vertical motion which creates tiny little holes in the skin, called micro channels. These micro channels help the vital ingredients in the ALKIMme products to penetrate into your dermis, where all the skin magic happens. The needles on this roller are very, very tiny, just long enough to help the Vitamin C penetrate and do its magic.

To use: Soak your derma roller in a minimum of 70% alcohol for 10 minutes. Allow your derma roller to dry in its case with the lid open. Roll each section of your skin horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for a minimum of 4 times in each direction, but no more than a maximum of 10.

Note: You will remove the product from your skin with a warm, wet washcloth (again, be sure to use a fresh, clean cloth each and every time you do this step). You may finish with one pump of the cleansing oil, applied all over the skin as a final seal of moisture.

Be sure to soak your derma roller in alcohol before and after each use. If you drop your roller, replace it, do not roll with bent needles. Do not roll over active, cystic acne.


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