rose oil

rose oil 5ml

Cleopatra didn’t bath in roses simply for their eternal inimitable scent. The Goddess recognized the alchemical elements of rose would provide her with etheric power. ALKIMme rose oil is simply the densest pure rose hip seed and moroccan rose oils. She is sacred beauty packed with antioxidant magic: drop by drop, rose oil made from chocolatey red Moroccan rose petals. She plumps your skin into wild, juicy transcendence.Use the rose as an essential tool for all of life’s beauty, and sometimes her pain. Heal heartache, fall in love with yourself, anoint your pulse points with her perfume and aromatherapy, smooth it onto strands of hair for rosy luster. Your skin, body and hair are now a flowering rose garden. Your mind weightless. Your skin as plump as a new born babe.

To Use:

Apply 3 drops rose oil to your face, neck, décolleté hair and pulse points.


  • Rosa Cania
  • Rosa Centofolia
  • Love, Light, & Magic

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