Derma Roller FAQ

  1. What products should I use after derma rolling?
    1. While all ALKIMme by Kim Sevy products are safe and amazing to use immediately after derma rolling, we strongly recommend using, at the very least, our Vitamin C Serum. It is a potent magic eraser for fine lines, discolorations, and uneven patches. For prescription strength acne medications, such as Retin-A or Renova, we recommend stopping those 3-5 days before derma rolling and waiting 3-5 days before resuming them again. Just remember, no matter what product(s) you decide to use, you don’t want to use anything that you wouldn’t want to go directly into your bloodstream.
  2. Do I have to use product after derma rolling?
    1. When you use the derma roller, you are creating tiny micro channels in your skin. These micro channels create collagen induction which is the skin’s way of healing itself from the inside-out and this collagen induction is responsible for the skin changing over time and, what will ultimately, create long term benefits and results. Results like wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, pigmentation reduction, toned skin, smaller pores and ...... the list goes on. Here is where the ALKIMme products come into play and why they take the plain rolling NEXT LEVEL. You apply the ALKIMme products, which are loaded with awesome, nontoxic ingredients, to your freshly washed skin, PRE-rolling, so while you are creating these magic tiny micro channels with your roller, you are rolling the products in at the same time. The micro channels deposit these high-quality, nontoxic products directly into the part of your skin where the magic happens. Think of the roller as the tilling of the soil of your skin and the ALKIMme products as the fertilizer. Note: we do NOT give advice on derma rolling with other brands’ skin care products because we don’t know what ingredients are in them. ALKIMme products are safe to use with the derma roller because they are made with high quality and nontoxic ingredients. Therefore, if you are using another brand’s products, you’ll need to contact them or consult with your dermatologist before using them with the derma roller.
  3. Are your derma roller needles stainless steel?
    1. Yes, the needles on our derma roller are medical-grade stainless steel.
  4. What is the difference between stainless steel and titanium derma rollers?
    1. Titanium derma rollers can be more expensive than stainless steel ones. However, titanium needles are stronger, they don’t bend as easily if the derma roller is dropped and therefore, last longer. The stronger needles are also better for penetrating tougher skin. On the other hand, stainless steel needles are more sanitary.
  5. Why do you only sell 0.5mm and 0.2mm needle length derma rollers?
    1. We only sell 0.5mm and 0.2mm needle length derma rollers because Kim feels strongly that anything longer should be done by a licensed professional where these treatments are within their scope of practice. The reason for this is because a longer needle length creates an actual blood injury which can increase your risk of infection.
  6. How many needles are on the derma roller?
    1. There are 192 medical-grade stainless steel needles on our derma rollers.
  7. What brand of derma roller do you sell?
    1. The brand of our derma roller is MT Roller.
  8. Why does the derma roller need to be replaced?
    1. We actually recommend that you replace your derma roller every 3-6 months, depending on how regularly you use it. If you’re only rolling your face, then the derma roller will last longer, but if you’re also rolling your neck, decollete, hands, etc., then you’ll need to replace it more often. The reason it should be replaced is because the needles can get dull. Also, you should immediately replace it if you drop it because dropping it can bend the needles. You never want to roll your skin with dull or bent needles.
  9. Does the derma roller reduce the appearance of stretch marks?
    1. The 0.5mm needle length derma roller can help reduce the appearance of NEW stretch marks. For older stretch marks (six months or longer), you will need a longer needle length and should consult with a licensed professional who specializes in those types of treatments.
  10. How do I sterilize my derma roller?
    1. To sterilize your derma roller, soak it in at least 70% alcohol for 10 minutes before and after each use. Be sure to allow your roller to dry in its case with the lid off (approximately 10 minutes).
  11. I have sensitive skin, is there anything I can do before rolling to prevent redness and swelling?
    1. For sensitive skin, you can try freezing a spoon (for about 5 minutes), then run it over your face before derma rolling and it will help reduce redness and swelling after your treatment.