Modern Alchemist, Master Esthetician and Skin

Magician to the celebrity elite.



Kim Sevy is a Multi-State Licensed Master Esthetician with over a decade of experience in skin care and medical aesthetics. She has soothed every skin imaginable, and created youthful visages for some of the most well-known and beautiful people in the world.

Kim’s road to radiance unfolds due to geographic magic. Born and raised in Utah, one of the driest climates on earth, it dawned on her early: if she wanted to maintain youthful, supple skin, great attention to it must be paid. Stunning, and stunningly arid, Utah impressed upon her a profound understanding of how to treat skin that is constantly under attack and ravaged by fierce elements. She was inspired to counter balance the negative elements of nature, with restorative and positive ones.





Like many women of a driven mindset, Kim found herself in New York City at nineteen. After working with one of NYC’s most respected and recognized dermatologists, Kim was able to take her practical knowledge and apply it to her own vision of refined, yet ultra natural products. A wildly knowledgeable and enthusiastic consumer of all things uber organic, gluten free, elemental and, ”imbued with gold dust”, she initially desired a line of products just for herself that were beyond compare in purity and results. As her ability to afford the high-end ingredients grew, she hand-mixed larger and larger batches. Clients and friends swooned over the silken and extraordinarily scented potions that made their skin lustrous.




The gold dust was on the


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ALKIM ME, the foundation for healthy and radiant skin was born. Potent, magic liquids in black violet glass bottles, protecting the deliciously dynamic oils, flowers, and nutrients from breaking down. Each batch is still hand blended with love, bathing your face in the freshest possible ingredients. Kim’s methodology of skin rejuvenation is based on her experience as an aesthetician and her empathetic understanding of the powerful healing properties of nature’s beautifiers and youth preservers.

ALKIM ME meets you where you are in your skin’s present moment, addressing issues and struggles to help your skin evolve and flourish. Kim’s method of skin care combines the practical aspects of skin care with gentle healing modalities. When each ALKIM ME product is combined, true skin harmony is achieved. ALKIM ME targets surface issues as well as underlying causes. All ethnicities and skin types benefit and are reborn into silken, plumped, radiance.



ALKIMme's magic is attainable.

ALKIMme's magic is real.