Kim Sevy’s  My go-to facialist — the only person I trust to make my skin look radiant. Her Alchemy-AL-KIM-ME Facial is like magic for my face and I love that Kim starts her facials with Simple Facial wipes and cleansers! I just have to get one every chance I get, at least one a month, as a treat, to balance me body and soul - and get that naturally fresh-faced look!

Kacy Duke NYC 

"I've never been a true believer in facials beyond perhaps a quick boost. I've been using Alkime products since fall 2013. Those alone have made huge improvements to my skin. I've begun to combine them with her signature peels and facials. And oh those facials and peels! Even, dewey skin is, sadly, no longer on my side after years of sun and dry climates. But every time Kim gets her magical little hands on me, it's a startling change and on that lasts. My skin puffs up, becomes super juicy and glowy. Lines vanish, my uneven tone magically balances out. Her organic peels aren't temporary. The results beautifully persist. The peels are quick and incredibly effective. For the full treatment she has the most fabulous machines she wields with gentle and firm precision. 

If it wasn't for such startling quick and dramatic results, I'd chalk it all up to hocus pocus. But Kim's products and facial and peels deliver on exactly what she promises: magic."

Lisa Elin Craighead NYC-CA-UT


Game changer. Those are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Kim Sevy and her “ALKIM ME - The Four Essentials” product line. 

I don’t believe that it’s vanity necessarily, but I do believe that we all want to put our best face forward. We greet the world with our smile, our charisma, our hearts, our charm… our faces. Yeah, it’s important. Anyone that has struggled with their skin at all will have a deep appreciation for what I am talking about. I was over the moon elated to meet Kim. I believe she understands the struggle, takes a holistic approach to skincare, creates magical products, and really loves what she does.

I happened to be introduced to Kim and began using her products during a very tricky time in my life. I had suffered immense personal loss and was not necessarily taking the best care of myself. After just one week of using her products, I was literally floored by the effects. As I greeted myself in the mirror each day, I never quite expected to see a fresher, glowing face. But I did. It was a true saving grace. I had confidence and light where I didn’t expect to find it, and it glimmered and leaked and seeped into every part of my life…

So… yeah, game changer. I trust Kim with my face. I trust and believe in her products, and I don’t want to ever age a day in my life without them.

Kelly Lovell CA 


Kim Sevy has created something unparalleled in the world of skincare.  This is coming from someone who has spent upwards of ten-thousand dollars trying to heal and manage acne ridden, dry, scarred, tired skin.  Our faces are the first thing the world sees and judgements can be quickly cast.  It is painful, frustrating and something women everywhere spend their hard earned dollars and time into repairing.  But Kim...she's been blessed with the gift.  Her products after only one-month did more to skin than any serum or treatment I have tried.  The Vitamin C feels like the golden ticket, but when used alone you realize is only one instrument in the beautiful symphony of the four step daily process towards radiance.  Not only are her products top of the line, but if you get the pleasure to meet or work with Kim you will be counting yourself lucky.  She is a gem, she truly cares for her clients and she is an encyclopedia of well articulated knowledge.  I adore this line.  I adore this woman.  I am eternally grateful to her for creating the line that finally gave me the skin I can feel comfortable in.  Forever ALKIM ME. 


—Sarah Bee, Oakland, CA



I have been using Kim’s products The AlKIM ME FOUR ESSENTIALS Skin Care Line for two years now and I always feel like I am sitting on the biggest “ well kept secret”  in skin care by using this skin care line!!  I have used countless skin care products for over 30 years from drugstore quality to high end department store brands. Nothing has ever come even close to making my skin feel and look the way it does after using AlKIM ME . I was hesitiant at first to even try something new as my skin tends to be incredibly dry and I had become loyal to a very well known skin care line - yet something was still missing. Kim’ s all natural, plant based serums, sprays and elixirs are truly a gift that you give your skin every time you apply them. It’s like nature told Kim what we need and she put it in a bottle for us. She puts her entire heart and soul into everything she creates and we are the benefactors of her amazing talents. Everything that Kim makes is made with the finest ingrediants but above all of this - she adds love. You won’t find that anywhere else on Earth.

—Jeannie Podest NJ 


Not only does Kim produce a skin care line unlike anything I’ve ever used, she has such a beautiful calming way about her that you feel relaxed as soon as you’re in her presence.  The results from her skin peels are immediate, you skin glows for weeks after. I’ve been using the ALKIM ME FOUR ESSENTIALS Skin Care System for close to 2 years now and wouldn’t think of going back.  The products are so light and natural that you don’t feel as if you have anything on your skin at all.  They absorb right into your skin without any residue or greasy feeling. The Vitamin C is a miracle worker!  My skin has never looked so good. I wouldn’t think of starting or ending a day without it!!! Once you start using this line you will never need to shop for anything else!

—Jackie Tarnowski (a true believer of all things magik and all things ALKIM ME !!)


Kim is so gentle and genuine, seeing her for a service ends up being so much more than just that.  Kim has a wealth of knowledge on all things skin and wellness related and she is so willing to share and give skin tips and loads of information even before we get to the service.  My skin literally glows for weeks after seeing her.  Kim’s Product line ALKIM ME is the best product I have ever used. Her treatments deliver the best results. Thank you Kim for making us beautiful!

—Eileen Meehan 


Your products are amazing! I never want to live without them :)  

Belinda Brown


I have to tell you the serum has been a godsend this winter. I usually get dry patches on my cheeks and sides of my nose, but with the serum, I love that it doesn't feel heavy in order to keep my skin perfectly moisturized--it just makes my skin feel "right" and comfortable. That in conjunction with the Vitamin C is a total game changer, and I love my morning/night ritual of the four essentials. 

— Jisoo Hong