neroli mist

neroli mist 

The mist is the first product you pick up. And what a way to start! Addictive essences burst from the violet bottle. Lightly spritz your skin with an intoxicating blend of Italian orange blossoms. Bestowing properties of purification and exuberance, neroli grounds you while lifting you up. Now your mind and body hold the space to calmly create. All this vitality and calm often lend themselves to the specific aphrodisiac qualities of neroli, a specific quality that is embedded into all of ALKIMme….

The mist soothes, balances and hydrates your skin preparing it to perfectly absorb the essential ingredients in the ALKIMme skincare line. Also fabulous used alone, The Mist works magic on planes, trains and automobiles to energize, hydrate and balance your skin, mind, and spirit. An addiction that puts you in the pink.


Mist lightly twice daily. May also be used alone for added hydration and balance of the skin.


  • Floral Water of Citrus Aurantium
  • Love, Light, & Magic

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